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Requisition VR Leaves Steam Early Access On May 4

Requisition VR

Requisition VR leaves Steam early access next month, while a Quest 2 version follows in Q1 2024.

Released on PC VR last October, Requisition VR is a physics-based co-op game inspired by Dead Rising and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. Developed by Arcadia VR, it allows you to craft weapons from household items, taking down zombies using increasingly absurd devices, like electrically charged baseball bats or four-pronged chair swords. Here's the new release date trailer:


In preparation for the full launch, Arcadia VR has already released what it calls "update 1.0," which implements a new 'Survival Mode.' Additional features like a new PDA (hand interface) are also included, alongside various bug fixes and tweaks to the game's balance. You can view the full update 1.0 patch notes via Steam.

Requisition VR is available now in Steam early access with the full release arriving on May 4th, while the Quest 2 port follows in Q1 2024. Elsewhere, General Producer Oliver Smirnoff previously confirmed that a PSVR 2 version is in development, and Arcadia said that it's arriving "this year."

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