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Report: Location-Based VR Company The Void To Relaunch Soon

Report: Location-Based VR Company The Void To Relaunch Soon

A new report by Janko Roettgers from Protocol states The Void’s assets have been acquired by a former investor with aims to relaunch the location-based VR company, in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Void was one of the leaders in the location-based VR industry before the pandemic, with 25 new locations opened in 2019 alone. Partnerships with companies like Disney allowed The Void to produce big IP-focused experiences, such as Avengers: Damage Control in late 2019. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March last year meant that Void locations, such as its Downtown Disney venue in California, were closed by July. Location-based VR competitor Sandbox VR even opened up a new location in Vegas this March, taking over the space once occupied by The Void just a year earlier.

However, according to Protocol, The Void is set to relaunch soon under Hyper Reality Partners, a company owned by Adrian Steckel, former investor and board member of The Void. According to Protocol, Steckel acquired The Void’s “key assets”  for around $2 million, which includes the company’s IP but does not include much of the physical hardware, such as headsets, backpacks and more. That tech was reportedly sold off as abandoned property by some of the landlords of former Void locations.

According to Roettgers, Steckel has signed previous Void staff to return, such as former CCO Curtis Hickman and former VP of Content Jason Howard. Steckel has reportedly already raised $20 million in funding, is actively fundraising for more and plans to hire additional staff soon. This is backed up by a placeholder site for The Void by HR company Breezy, indicating that job openings are forthcoming.

Protocol reports when The Void relaunches, it will do so with a new operating model that will look towards larger venues that include services extending beyond location-based VR, such as food and beverage capabilities. Hyper Reality Partners are reportedly looking at a Las Vegas as the first new location to offer this revamped version of The Void experience.

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