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Report: Dreams Will Now Have PSVR Support On Day One

Report: Dreams Will Now Have PSVR Support On Day One

According to a new article from PSU, Dreams is planned to have PSVR support from day one when it launches after all. Late last year, a developer told us during a demonstration that PSVR support “won’t be in at launch” but when it did come, it would allow users to manipulate the world and objects using the PS Move wand controllers, bringing that much closer to your creation.

But now, based on reports from a recent pre-E3 preview event, it seems like the developers plans may have changed. We reached out to PSU to confirm the details of their story and they verified that Mark Healey, co-founder and creative director for Media Molecule, did in fact state it would have PSVR support from day one. We were at this preview event as well, but opted to not demo Dreams since we’d been told they weren’t discussing VR details at the event.

This is exciting news because in the past it seemed like it could have been relegated to the background as a secondary feature, but perhaps this means the majority (or all) of Dreams will function from inside a PSVR headset. If all goes well, Dreams could very well end up being one of VR’s most powerful content creation platforms to date.

Earlier this year Media Molecule’s Alex Evans even stated that he was “really hyped” for the app’s PSVR support, so all signs are pointing towards this being one to watch for VR fans.

If that’s not confirmation enough that VR is coming on day one for Dreams, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s own President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, tweeted the PSU story today. Granted, the PSVR line isn’t the headline or a prominent part of the preview, but I doubt he’d tweet out a story with such an erroneous error in it.

We reached out to Sony for comment on the revelation, but they declined to comment at this time, simply stating that more details will be coming later.

What do you think of this news? Let us know down in the comments below!

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