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Red Matter 2 Gameplay Showcases Stunning Visuals On Quest 2

Red Matter 2 Gameplay Showcases Stunning Visuals On Quest 2

After setting a new standard for standalone VR visuals with the first game, Vertical Robot’s Red Matter 2 looks likely to do the same again on Quest 2.

A technical showcase video shared by developers Vertical Robot on Twitter indicates Red Matter 2 should be a pretty visually stunning release, even on Quest 2. Even though the game is also releasing on PC VR, this new video suggests Quest 2 players shouldn’t be missing out on too much.

Vertical Robot explains that Red Matter 2 “runs a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine,” which the studio used to create some stunning graphics features that look unlike much of what we’ve seen on standalone hardware so far. Altogether it’s pretty stunning work, with some of the visual features highlighted including high-quality reflections, particle effects, glass and even liquids, as well as various forms of lighting and shadows with detailed character models called ‘optimized metahumans’ in the video.

Overall, it looks like an evolution of the fantastic visuals from the first game which we praised in our review:

Red Matter might not have been the most visually distinctive game on any of its previous release platforms but simply holding its own on Quest is an impressive feat unto itself. Crisp textures stay true to even the PC VR version, but special mention has to go to the game’s lighting effects. Whenever you use the game’s laser-pointed scanner, lights will realistically bounce off of any nearby surface. In some rooms, window lighting convincingly melts onto the floor and then moves with you around the room.

After that technical showcase, it’s safe to say we’re even more excited for Red Matter 2 to launch on Quest 2 and PC VR on August 18.

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