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Reclaim! Brings Four-Player Arena Shooting To Location-Based VR

Reclaim! Brings Four-Player Arena Shooting To Location-Based VR

Location-based gaming experiences remove the larger price of admission for more intense and immersive experiences and VR developers have found a lot of success in this market. Video game studio Minority Media is hoping to tap into that with a PvP virtual reality shooting experience that translates a classic arena shooter style to VR called Reclaim.

‘Reclaim!’ is a four-player competitive VR shooter set in a dystopian future that has players battling across maps to reclaim cities. Laser tag is a fun, social experience that gets players physically active and Minority Media’s VP of Business Development and Global Sales Michael Zaidan coined the game the “next evolution of laser tag in VR.” Reclaim! can be executed in tighter spaces than a laser tag match, though, since the shooter utilizes teleportation locomotion instead of having players move around freely in large spaces.

Chaos Jump is Minority Media’s previous project and now Reclaim will work using the Chaos Jump VR platform. It’s a 202-square foot installation four players and the setup includes spectator support, runs using HTC Vive Pro HMDs, touchscreen game management, and more.

In a Reclam! match, players teleport platform to platform throughout a virtual urban sci-fi environment and attempt to get the best angles on opponents or run away from an attack. The game features a slow but powerful tank class, intermediate warrior class, and the swift ninja class, which is ideal for advanced players. Battles play on one of three randomized maps and Minority Media wants to expand to a dozen to keep things fresh. The beginner maps are roughly the size of a New York City block but advanced maps are the size of a football field.

There are leaderboards that individuals can climb in the four-player free-for-all with plans to add new modes like 4v4 capture-the-flag with eight-player support if a location has two of the four-player Chaos Jump platforms.

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