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'Recept' May Be Leap Motion's Finest Hour To Date

'Recept' May Be Leap Motion's Finest Hour To Date

Earlier this year VR hand tracking peripheral Leap Motion announced Orion: a software updated for the device that dramatically upgraded its power and performance.

Since then, there have been a few tech demos, artistic experiences, and other early-stage offerings that touch upon the more advance capabilities of the Orion-enhanced Leap. Now, however, a still in-development project from a one-man team in Tehran, Iran has come to light.

It’s called Recept and it just might be the most impressive use of Leap Motion’s capabilities to date.

The above video was captured in real-time and was not edited or enhanced in any way according to Ali Eslami. Eslami is Recept’s sole creator. He built it all himself from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4.

Besides the obvious beauty of its visuals, Recept uses the Leap Motion interface creatively throughout its runtime. The gameplay itself can be a bit hard to describe so perhaps its best to let Eslami explain it himself:

“Recept is kinda like a dynamic ever-changing Metaverse of connected realities. You start in a completely random-unknown state. And as you perceive and experience Recept, your knowledge of the environment builds up.

For Instance, when you’re in a twisted tunnel and reach the end of it, you don’t know where you’re heading next, so everytime you play it should be a completely different experience.

Besides the surreal environment and unknown realities in Recept, you may experience unknown bodies and sensory systems too. Like in a landscape you may be able to touch the mountains with your new body.There are so many other features I designed for Recept, like cross reality interactions, Inventory System, procedural realities, etc.”

This certainly sounds like a lot for one man to tackle on his own and Eslami is certainly aware of his own limitations:

[Recept] is an indie one-man project, but I hope to find the proper support to kinda push it to the next level and develop the idea the way its planned. Currently, I’m working on documenting my designs to create a proposal and hope to find an opportunity to further develop Recept.”

Recept currently does not have a release date but we will keep you posted with any and all news that may come about during its ongoing development.

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