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Rec Room On Oculus Quest Won't Have All Activities At Launch

Rec Room On Oculus Quest Won't Have All Activities At Launch

Popular social VR gaming platform Rec Room is coming to the Oculus Quest standalone headset, but not all of the platform’s activities will be available at launch.

Rec Room is cross-platform across PC VR, desktop, PSVR and Quest. Quest players, however, won’t be able to play all activities to start. The Oculus Quest is significantly less powerful than a gaming PC, so developers need to put in large amounts of time and effort to port content.

Quest does support the new enhanced lighting model. In fact, the developers say this was specifically developed with Quest in mind.

What Will Be Available

Your Dorm Room and the Rec Center (the home space and social hub area) will be fully available on Quest.

In terms of activities, Paintball (one of the platform’s flagship activities), Charades, Dodgeball, and Paddleball will all be available.

You can also use the Maker Room and any player rooms built on the Maker Room. According to Against Gravity, this makes up 75 percent of player-created rooms in Rec Room.

What Won’t Be Available

The battle royale game-mode, Rec Royale, will not be available on Quest. Against Gravity said this will “probably be the hardest due to the size of the map and the number of assets and geo we would need to do an art pass on.”

Ironically, quests won’t be available on Quest either. Quests are, as the name suggests, co-op missions where your group of players attempt to battle through enemies to gather loot, complete tasks, and then defeat a final boss. The developers stated that Golden Trophy and Jumbotron will both arrive “shortly after launch.”

Activities like Laser Tag, Disc Golf, Bowling, Soccer, and Capture Point won’t be available either.

Against Gravity said most activities will eventually arrive in future updates.

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