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Meta Bans Children 12 And Under Using Rec Room On Quest

Meta Bans Children 12 And Under Using Rec Room On Quest

Meta is requiring Rec Room block children 12 and under from using the popular social app on Quest.

Rec Room is available on a wide range of devices offering creative tools and games with limited functionality “Junior accounts” designed for use by kids aged 12 and under. Rec Room is also some of the leading competition to Horizon Worlds, Meta’s own social service which limits usage to those age 13 and older.

“Meta is requiring Rec Room, and all apps on the platform to block users under 13 years of age or be removed from the Quest store. This means Junior accounts will not be supported on Meta devices starting 11/14,” Rec Room tweeted alongside a link to a Q&A page.

The Meta policy mirrors the one which has been in place for its headsets. We asked Meta why it took till now to block Rec Room’s Junior accounts and received the following statement over email.

“We’ve never allowed people under the age of 13 to use our VR platform, so we requested that Rec Room remove access to Meta Quest devices from their Junior Accounts. We support Rec Room and want to ensure their app meets our terms of service,” the company’s prepared statement reads.

The policy applies to content on both the public Quest store and App Lab content.

Rec Room says the Junior accounts will still be accessible “on all other platforms that Rec Room is available on that allow for users under 13 years of age.” The company posted that underage users playing on non-Junior accounts should be reported “so we can look into the issue.”

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