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Rec Room Coming To iPhone And iPad 'Really Soon'

Rec Room Coming To iPhone And iPad 'Really Soon'

Seattle-based startup Against Gravity is bringing social service Rec Room to iPhone and iPad soon with invites to a testing release slated to go out this month.

The startup is offering a “Rec Room Mobile” signup page for potential access to a testing release of the service on iOS devices. “We will let you know once we’re ready for testers and once we hit the app store,” the page states.

“We’ll be launching Rec Room on iOS really soon,” a statement from Against Gravity reads. “We’re doing internal testing now and we’ll start sending out beta testing invites this month. Based on how that goes, we should hit the app store shortly after testing wraps up.”

Creators Getting Paid

Against Gravity has big plans for Rec Room with the goal that “someone in school with no coding knowledge can build a game in an afternoon and ship it on console, PC, mobile, and VR. We’re already seeing this happen, but we think the ability to instantly build and publish a game gets a lot more interesting when you open up the audience to anyone with a mobile device.”

In addition to cross-platform creation tools, the company is also looking into ways for creators to get paid for their works in Rec Room.

“We’re looking into letting creators charge in-app tokens for inventions they created, costumes, events, and for different things they can build into their games and rooms,” according to the company.

Getting players paid for making stuff in Rec Room? As far as goals go it doesn’t get too much bigger than that. Creating a single community that enjoys fun things together across flat screens, phones and VR is not an easy task. We’ll report back as soon as we get our hands on Rec Room mobile and have a sense of how the game extends onto touchscreens.

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