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Rec Room Gets Halo Inspired Costume To Celebrate Xbox Launch

Rec Room Gets Halo Inspired Costume To Celebrate Xbox Launch

Think Kratos coming to Fortnite is big? You haven’t seen anything yet.

Rec Room has launched on Xbox and to celebrate, users can claim a free ‘Space Soldier’ costume piece that looks remarkably like a protagonist we all know and love from the Halo franchise…

As you can see from the photos and videos, the ‘Space Soldier’ costume piece is a headpiece that is remarkably similar to the Masterchief’s helmet in all but name. Being Microsoft’s biggest and most recognizable gaming IPs and the face of the Xbox brand, it’s nice that Rec Room has created a Halo-inspired costume to celebrate the Xbox launch.

The helmet is available to claim to all players on any platform, including VR users, from today. Players on non-Xbox platforms will need to visit the new ^WelcomeXbox room, where they will be able to claim the Space Soldier helmet. Xbox players will be able to claim the helmet directly from the Rec Centre.

It is a limited-time item – you’ll have to log in and claim it before December 17.

rec room xbox halo costume

You’ll also be able to claim a free bottle of ‘Bubbly’ (which, pictured above, looks suspiciously like champagne) for you and a friend if you log in to Rec Room and use your friend code to invite an Xbox player to try out the game on an Xbox console.

Xbox is just the latest in Rec Room’s continuous expansion from VR into other platforms such as mobile and console devices. Despite this, it seems like its roots in VR continue to prove successful – Rec Room developers estimate that the Quest 2 launch was 2.5x larger than the original Quest, based on Rec Room numbers.

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