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Rec Room Community Hosts The Princess Bride Live Theater

Rec Room Community Hosts The Princess Bride Live Theater

If you add custom songs to Beat Saber, we recently discovered it is possible to play through the entire sword fight at the top of the Cliffs of Insanity from The Princess Bride. Assuming you are a fan of the movie, we recommend modifying Beat Saber to do it because it is so much fun to sword fight with your left hand and then suddenly switch to your right halfway through the fight.

While that is certainly one way to enjoy the The Princess Bride in VR, the Orange Bucket Acting Troupe have built another in Rec Room. The group worked over the course of a year to design an entire stage production of the 1987 film with jokes, props and even music adapted specifically for Rec Room. The Princess Bride A Rec Room Tale is a complete four act production with actors distributed throughout the real world but coming together in VR anyway to perform a stage play based on the well-loved film by Rob Reiner and book by William Goldman.

Here’s one of the most famous scenes of the film as performed in VR:

Rec Room fans should take note of the performance as well since the troupe used Against Gravity’s platform in non-traditional ways to make the production work. At the end of each act, for instance, the audience gets invited as a group to a new room with a new set and props for them to use for the next portion of the performance.

Here’s an 18-minute recording of some of the play’s highlights complete with many of the most memorable parts of the film as adapted for Rec Room.

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