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Space Pilot Simulator 'Elite Dangerous' Confirmed As Oculus Rift Launch Title

Space Pilot Simulator 'Elite Dangerous' Confirmed As Oculus Rift Launch Title

Elite Dangerous puts you in search of riches across a vast universe in command of a spaceship and it’s officially coming to Oculus for its launch on March 28.

Fans of the cross-platform multiplayer space simulation game were concerned it might not come as Oculus began rapidly iterating its software last year and Frontier, the company behind the game, began supporting SteamVR while waiting for the Oculus software to stabilize.

An official announcement from Oculus though makes it one of two announced space pilot games coming for the launch of the Rift. The other, EVE: Valkyrie, is bundled free with pre-orders and is mainly focused around intense multiplayer dogfights while Elite Dangerous simulates the minutiae that might be needed to keep a ship operating across the far reaches of space.



If you own Elite Dangerous: Horizons you can download the Oculus version for free. It includes the base game as well as bonus content in Horizons. A forum posting provides more details for existing players about how to get the game:

For our existing and future players who wish to migrate over to the Oculus Store, they will be able to get a free code from the Frontier Store (as they do with Steam keys currently) .

In addition, the Oculus Store will be selling a Deluxe Edition bundle which will include Elite Dangerous, Elite Dangerous Horizons Season Pass, a starter pack of paint jobs and a bobble head. As with Steam, Oculus Store customers will also have to create a Frontier Store account (for no extra charge) as part of the purchase process.


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