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Real-Time Strategy Game 'Korix' Bringing Sci-Fi Tactics to PlayStation VR

Real-Time Strategy Game 'Korix' Bringing Sci-Fi Tactics to PlayStation VR

I’ve been saying it for months and I’ll continue to say it until we’re drowning in little ant-sized units running around a battlefield: we need more strategy games in VR. I dare you to play Tactera or AirMech: Command and tell me otherwise. Luckily, games like Tethered on PS VR are doing their part to bring some variety and personality to the strategy game genre, and now Korix, from StellarVR, is joining the mix as well.

Korix was announced on the PlayStation Blog today by Mark Taylor, Lead Developer on the game as a PS VR title. However, it’s exact release date was unclear. The trailer simply says ‘Coming Soon…’ so hopefully sometime near the PS VR launch window in mid-October.

The premise is, according to Taylor, as follows:

Korix places you somewhere deep in space, fighting for your race’s survival after your homeworld is destroyed. With nothing left to lose, you are put in the role of commander with the sole mission of taking the fight back to the enemy, showing them that you will not go down without a fight!

The game is being designed specifically with VR in mind and features a stylized, retro-futuristic art style reminiscent of classic early 90s games and pop culture. Visually, it reminds me a bit of the VR Missions from the old Metal Gear Solid games, although focused on strategy rather than stealth.

Taylor explained that the game also features tower-defense elements and will have not only a 3-5 hour campaign, which is a good length for an RTS, but will also include skirmish modes and online multiplayer for 2-4 players of both the competitive and cooperative variety.

The tracked headset and motion controllers allow players to see and interact with one another during the game, which should lead to some interesting scenarios, such as “chasing each other around,” according to Taylor.

For more details on Korix, watch the trailer above and keep an eye on the official StellarVR website.

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