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Echo VR Dev 'Experimenting' With Oculus Quest: "Keep An Eye Out For Updates In The Future"

Echo VR Dev 'Experimenting' With Oculus Quest: "Keep An Eye Out For Updates In The Future"

Ready At Dawn stated on Twitter they are ‘experimenting’ with Oculus Quest. Asked by a fan whether Echo VR would see a port, the studio responded “Keep an eye out for updates in the future!”

The developer was listed at Oculus Connect 5 as working on a Quest game or port- that’s the Ready at Dawn logo in the center.

Ready at Dawn developed the hit VR singleplayer voice acted story adventure Lone Echo. Funded by Oculus Studios as a flagship Rift exclusive, we consider it one of the best VR games made yet. We even gave it our 2017 VR Game of the Year award.

Due to the game’s scope and graphical fidelity, it’s unlikely it will ever come to Quest, as the headset is significantly less powerful than a gaming PC. What could potentially come however, and what the fan on Twitter was asking about, is its standalone multiplayer- Echo VR.

Echo VR originally launched in 2017 with Lone Echo as ‘Echo Arena’. With the release of the second gamemode ‘Echo Combat’ this year, both together became Echo VR. It’s far more likely to come to Quest than the singleplayer game since the graphics aren’t particularly important to the gameplay.

What could be an issue on Quest however is the controller tracking. In Echo Arena you often have to reach behind your back, and Quest’s top cameras only slightly face backwards. We haven’t had a chance to test out these kind of interactions yet though- the controllers’ accelerometers might possibly be able to handle this.

How much this Tweet really means is as yet unclear- but if Echo VR does in fact come to Quest it could be its flagship multiplayer title. We’ll keep you updated on any further news from Ready at Dawn.


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