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Ready At Dawn 'Still Diligently Working' On Lone Echo 2, 'No New Info' On Release Date

Ready At Dawn 'Still Diligently Working' On Lone Echo 2, 'No New Info' On Release Date

Ready at Dawn, the developers behind Lone Echo, gave a short development update for their upcoming sequel, Lone Echo 2.

But don’t get too excited, as it looks like we’ll still be waiting for a while longer.

If you were hoping for a release date, you’re out of luck — the team has “no new information regarding a release date for Lone Echo II to announce right now.” However, the team is still “diligently working to bring you Jack and Liv’s next adventure together as soon as we are able.”

As with many studios, Ready at Dawn has had to adjust to working from home due to the ongoing global pandemic. Sadly, the team also confirmed that the accompanying challenges in this switch have resulted in a delay for Lone Echo 2, beyond the initial target release date. We had originally hoped the game would be out earlier this year. The team has, however, delivered Echo VR on Oculus Quest this year.

We know that Ready at Dawn was targeting a 2020 release, but the team has now “needed to stretch development beyond our desired timeframe” due to the shift to a work-from-home setup. Whether this means a 2021 release date is unclear. “As we push towards a launch date, we will continue to update the community with the latest information.”

You can read the full development update here.

Lone Echo 2 is set to release as a Rift platform exclusive, with no confirmation on the potential for a SteamVR or Quest release. Back in 2019, David tried the first-ever playable demo of Lone Echo 2 — you can read his impressions here.

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