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Raw Data Officially Launches This October On Rift, Vive, And PSVR

Raw Data Officially Launches This October On Rift, Vive, And PSVR

Finally, at long last, Raw Data is exiting Early Access. The fast-paced action game by Survios that’s become synonymous with intense action in virtual reality is officially releasing on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this October 5th and PlayStation VR (PSVR) this October 10th.

I personally first played Raw Data about a year and a half ago at GDC 2016 before the Vive and Rift even launched as consumer devices. In my demo I remember it being one of the first VR games that not only made me sweat, but made me move around so much I accidentally punched one of the booth supervisors while slashing with a sword.

“The most exciting part of Raw Data leaving Early Access is that our players will finally experience the complete story from its classic beginning to its heart-pounding conclusion,” said James Iliff, Survios Co-Founder and CCO, in a prepared statement. “Throughout the Early Access updates, we’ve been steadily drawing our players deeper into the complex relationship between their SyndiK8 heroes and Eden Corp’s nameless, sinister threat. Now, with Raw Data’s fully fleshed-out narrative, they’ll know who (or what) they’ve been fighting and what they’re fighting for.”

Raw Data has evolved a lot in the months it’s spent in Early Access adding not only new characters and features, but also brand new levels and even entirely separate game modes like Hostile Takeover, which is a player-versus-player competitive multiplayer. That commitment to delivering quality content is why Survios has earned over $1 million in sales for its game that still isn’t even technically released. Few games offer as much polish and variety right now in VR.

We’ll keep following the game on its path to launch in October. Raw Data hits Rift and Vive on 10/5 and PSVR in the US on 10/10, followed by PSVR in the EU on 10/11. At launch the PSVR edition will not have the Hostile Takeover game mode available but it is expected to release at a later date to be determined.

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