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'Raw Data' Early Access Debuts At #1 On Steam Top Sellers

'Raw Data' Early Access Debuts At #1 On Steam Top Sellers

Raw Data from Los Angeles-based Survios is now available in early access on Steam, priced at around $40 but discounted 20 percent through July 21. It immediately shot to the top of the Steam top sellers list following release.

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The ambitious wave-based action game includes co-operative multiplayer, a warping locomotion system to get around large rooms, as well as a wide variety of weapons and abilities. Its high price, jam-packed feature launch, and lengthy post-release roadmap means Raw Data is one of the most ambitious games built for the first generation of room-scale VR.

At Early Access launch with version 0.1, the game includes cooperative multiplayer, a couple characters and play styles to choose from, several missions and environments as well as nine different types of enemies to fight. Survios is planning to add new features every two weeks, with a tentative roadmap provided chock full of more of all of the above. Of course, plans could change as developers receive feedback.

“The VR community greatly influences our game direction, and we’re very excited to hear what they have to say now that our first public build of Raw Data is available for everyone to experience,” said James Iliff, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Survios, in a game launch release announcement.

We’ve enjoyed our hands-on time with Raw Data, both when we first tried it at VRLA in January and then when we saw the more polished version at E3. The game mixes up elements from across science fiction — with robots that look like The Terminator and abilities reminiscent of Star Wars. And that’s just scratching the surface.

“Our goal is to deliver a complete VR gaming experience with intuitive gameplay, thrilling action, compelling environments, and hours of replayability. Player feedback is invaluable in making that happen,” said Chris Hewish, Survios’ Head of Studio. “We’re fully supporting Raw Data with continuous content updates.”

We’ll have in-depth impressions for you soon once we spend more time with the full early access version of the game.

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