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Rampage Agents Mixes Fortnite With Borderlands On Quest & SteamVR

Rampage Agents

Rampage Agents takes influence from Borderlands and Fortnite for a new VR multiplayer shooter, and it's available now on Quest, Pico and Steam.

Developed by PlutoVR, the team describes Rampage Agents as fusing a "battle royale with multi-player action-adventure games." Promising an expanding roster of playable agents with varying abilities and 35 different guns, that's split between separate Battle Royale and Adventure modes, the latter letting you play with three friends. You can see more below:

While Battle Royale takes inspiration from Apex Legends and Fortnite, Adventure Mode is inspired by Gunfire Reborn and Borderlands. In early access, the latter currently includes two main chapters with boss fights, four playable agents and a "near-complete" talent system. Come full release, PlutoVR promises "66 maps, 38 monsters, 49 weapons, 100+ items and four difficulties."

Other planned additions include a battle pass system, yearly Battle Royale tournaments, further difficulties, melee combat, big events, new agent skills and weapons. A "more comprehensive" battle royale mode is also in development, and PlutoVR aims to add "two new Battle Royale maps with different themes" and "three new agents with different abilities" each year.

Rampage Agents is out now on Steam Early Access, Pico and Quest App Lab. A Steam FAQ confirms the full release currently targets Q3 2024 with gradual price increases planned. A PSVR 2 release is also planned but release dates remain unknown.

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