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QuiVr Vanguard Confirmed For Oculus Quest With Go Multiplayer

QuiVr Vanguard Confirmed For Oculus Quest With Go Multiplayer

Multiplayer archery game QuiVr Vanguard is coming to Oculus Quest and multiplayer is possible with players on Oculus Go.

The game’s description on the Go store page says the title will be compatible with both headsets and allow cross-play once Quest releases.

QuiVr is one of the most popular archery VR games available. Over the course of two years its creators built a PC version with a role-playing game progression system. A smaller arcade version of the game called QuiVr Vangaurd was more recently released by the developers. A studio called Luminary Apps is taking on the mobile version, which is the version of the game getting cross-play cooperative multiplayer on Oculus Go and Quest.

Cooperative play between the two headsets may place QuiVr Vanguard on a short list of apps with that kind of multiplayer capability on standalone in 2019. The number of early Quest buyers who will already have Oculus Go sitting around their home could be significant. This means some Oculus Quest buyers will already have a second headset in their home to play a two-player game with a family member or friend.

We are expecting major updates from Facebook’s Oculus at the Game Developers Conference next month. Anticipation is high for the $400 Oculus Quest headset and its 6DoF Touch controllers and we are expecting at least 50 titles to be ready for Quest launch. Some VR developers are starting to hint they are seriously considering building Quest versions of their games but we still don’t have a full list of the games coming to the headset just yet.

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