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Quest v42 Update: Oculus Move Achievements, More Parental Controls

Quest v42 Update: Oculus Move Achievements, More Parental Controls

The latest Meta Quest software update adds more features to in-built fitness tracker Oculus Move, as well as improving the available options for parental supervision.

After recent updates added smartphone support to Oculus Move, the in-built Quest fitness tracker will receive a new achievements feature in v42. Move Achievements gives you a dedicated tab in-headset to track milestones such as total calories burned. There will also been other short-term goals like daily and weekly goals, which you will also have associated milestones to track — eg. 100 daily goals completed.

There’s also new trends tab and stats to track short-term progress on any given week. A screenshot of the feature, embedded below, gives you an idea of what to expect — track average daily calories, intensity and more.

In terms of parental controls, Meta is expanding its recent suite of parental supervision tools on Quest to include new options for social features in v42. While supervising a teen account, parents will be able to remotely enable or disable social features in the Oculus mobile app. This includes creating and joining parties, Horizon Home social visits, and Oculus Chat and Messenger functionality.

While this might add up to a somewhat minor collection of new Quest features in v42, it comes ahead of a major feature change rolling out next month. Starting in August, Quest 2 will no longer require a Facebook account and Meta will begin rolling out a new account system with optional Facebook linking.

You can read more about v42 over on the Oculus Blog.

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