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Quest v38 Update Lays Groundwork For Meta’s Horizon Home

Quest v38 Update Lays Groundwork For Meta’s Horizon Home

The latest Quest software update, v38, is rolling out to users now, with changes the lay the groundwork for Horizon Home.

The biggest changes in the update are centered around social functionality and improving the home experience on Quest, likely in anticipation of Horizon Home, which gets a mention in the release notes.

As of v38, the App Library will highlight apps with multiplayer features if you’re in a party with other users. Likewise, there’s now a ‘Recently Met’ feature, which will let you connect with users you’ve recently played games with online.

The settings menu has also been updated to a new layout and now has a search bar, and a few settings are moving from Experimental Features to full release. Most notably, the mixed reality couch and desk are now available to everyone and can be set up in the Guardian settings. These features allow you to define couches and desks within your playspace, which will then be accurately represented in the home environment on Quest.

The mixed reality tracked keyboards are also moving from experimental to full release, now found in device settings.

Improvements to the Quest tracking system are also listed, but without any specific further details.

As previously reported, v38 also includes updates to the headset’s UI, replacing the Oculus logo with the new Meta logo.

All in all, this update seems centered around social features and improving the experience within Quest home, laying the groundwork for increased capabilities and social features that are set to come with its upgrade to Horizon Home. While we don’t have a launch date just yet, Horizon Home will allow you to invite other users to your home and, eventually, support building your own space with full customization.

You can read the full v38 release notes here. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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