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Oculus Quest Unlisted App Distribution Launch Likely Imminent

Oculus Quest Unlisted App Distribution Launch Likely Imminent

In another Instagram AMA, Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality at Facebook suggested that the launch of the new unlisted app distribution method for Oculus Quest is likely to release very soon.

Bosworth frequently hosts Instagram AMAs (ask-me-anything), where followers can submit questions that he responds to with a recorded response on his Instagram story. One of the first questions was about the release timeline for the new method of unlisted app distribution for Oculus Quest, which was announced at Facebook Connect last September. Bosworth said that the feature was meant to launch last week, but had to be pushed back because of a bug.

Here’s his full response:

Question: What’s the ETA on the new Quest distribution method? 

Bosworth: [Laughing] At the risk of infuriating people, I’ll say… sooner than you think. No, it’s really soon. Really, really quite soon. It was almost this week, but we had a little bit of a bug, so we gotta fix that and then it’s out. 

Bosworth also answered a few other Quest-related topics, such as plans for social features and Infinite Office.

In response to a question about whether users will ever be able to have friends in their Quest home environment, Boz said that the team still internally iterating on ways to make VR more social. He said that “going to a place” with friends in VR and playing multiplayer games together is great, but that there’s “more to it” and that he thinks “the shell [the Quest Home environment] can be part of that.”

Bosworth also said that Venues will open up more ways to hang with friends, and that it’s “part of a much bigger picture we’re building with Horizon and the shell, and around media and shared games.”

In regards to a question about a beta release of Infinite Office, he said it’s “not as soon as you think” and that they are testing it internally but “it’s just not ready yet, there’s still kind of a ways to go there.”

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