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Oculus Quest Gets Mic Recording & 'Live Overlay' iOS Casting

Oculus Quest Gets Mic Recording & 'Live Overlay' iOS Casting

Oculus Quest’s recording can now capture mic audio, and the iPhone app is getting a ‘Live Overlay’ mode.

The microphone option works for recording videos and casting to browser. We’ve seen social media content creators request this since Oculus Go’s launch all the way back in 2018. If enabled, both the app’s audio and your microphone will be captured in recorded clips.

Quest iOS Casting

‘Live Overlay’, a new feature for casting and recording, will use your iPhone (XS or newer) camera system to segment your body & overlay it on the from-VR perspective. This isn’t a true mixed reality feature – the background is your first person view, and doesn’t move with the iPhone. That said, it certainly sounds like a first step.

These features will be available in the v29 update. Facebook “rolls out” system updates, so it could take a week or two to actually get it.

v29 also brings multiple user accounts support to the original Oculus Quest. That feature arrived  for Quest 2 back in January. Other accounts on your headset can play most apps you own, as long as the developer didn’t opt out.

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