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Quest 2 Now Shows Pets, People, & Android Phone Notifications

Quest 2 Now Shows Pets, People, & Android Phone Notifications

The Quest 2 system software can now alert those wearing the device to people or large pets entering the play space.

The new version 34 of the Quest system software rolling out starting this week adds an experimental setting on Quest 2 for Space Sense. The system “allows you to see things like people and pets entering your Play Space when using Roomscale Guardian.”

“In addition to Space Sense, we’re currently testing additional guardian features as part of this release. Keep in mind that these features are still in development and won’t be seen by all users,” Meta posted in its release notes.

Facebook is also adding its first 2D apps to the Oculus store with Web apps for Facebook, Instagram, Smartsheet, and Spike available for use with another experimental feature — multitasking.

Another long-awaited feature for Quest owners is now part of the system software as well, with notifications from Android phones now available alongside iOS devices. I’ve personally never been able to get the phone notifications feature to work with my iPhone and Quest 2, but let us know in the comments what sort of experience you’ve had with the feature.

Meta also announced additional voice commands supported by those who have activated it in the menu. You can double-press the Oculus button, click it in the menu, or use the experimental wake phrase “Hey Facebook” to issue a voice command.

The company also enabled “secure pairing for Air Link to enhance security and improve your experience for Air Link” and adjusted the way standby works to improve battery life.

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