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Quest 2 Comes With $50 Store Credit Or Gift Card For Black Friday

Quest 2 Comes With $50 Store Credit Or Gift Card For Black Friday

A Black Friday deal is now live for Quest 2 offering new buyers a $50 Oculus store or retailer credit, depending where you buy the standalone VR headset from Meta.

Quest 2 sells starting at $299 with an existing refer-a-friend program offering $30 in Oculus Store credit when an existing buyer sends a special link to friends via For Black Friday and Cyber Monday (through November 29th 2021) via partnering retailers, Meta is bundling a $50 gift card from a store like Amazon, or a $50 Oculus Store credit to buy games or apps when purchased via

Quest 2 debuted as Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook in late 2020 as the king of VR — it is lighter, less expensive, and more powerful than the original Quest. One of the biggest caveats to adopting the headset, though, has been the requirement it be tied to an existing Facebook account. Facebook is planning to change that requirement next year as Oculus Quest 2 becomes Meta Quest 2. CEO Mark Zuckeberg aims to sell VR hardware at cost or subsidized in an effort to reach the largest userbase first, with Quest securing the entry level of the consumer market and starting at what amounts to an unmatchable price that seems keep competition from battling head-on. It isn’t just about price, though, the Oculus ecosystem features an ever-growing content library with major standalone releases like Medal of Honor and Resident Evil 4. Recent comments from suppliers, developers, and stats from Steam all suggest Quest 2 is the most popular VR platform at the moment, with not only a lot of people buying games on Quest 2 but many are also exploring other use cases like physical fitness, work, AR, social connection, TV watching, and even generalized personal computing akin to a Chromebook.

We’ve been following VR for a long time and have developed resources to help you on the next steps of your journey into VR. If you’re buying Quest 2 and want to know what kind of games, experiences, and accessories you should be thinking about, the following three articles should be your next stops:

We also recommend subscribing to UploadVR on YouTube where we hosts multiple shows each week covering the latest developments in the VR industry. We can see your comments and questions from YouTube live in VR during our live broadcasts which even use Oculus Quest and its latest technologies to broadcast from inside virtual reality. We make sure to cover the latest information everyone needs to know but we also believe more people than ever before are getting into VR this holiday season, and that means we plan to answer a lot of common frequently asked questions because there are a lot of other people just like you looking for those answers.

Are you picking up Quest 2 this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to bookmark UploadVR or check back as we help you get the most out of VR.

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