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Puzzling Places Receives Big Multiplayer Update & MR Support Today On Quest

Puzzling Places big update

Puzzling Places receives its 'Big Update' in time for today's Quest 3 launch, adding multiplayer, hand tracking support and more.

While Puzzling Places is available on most major VR headsets, the Big Update is currently only available on Quest. Alongside two-player online multiplayer, Quest will exclusively receive a local mixed-reality multiplayer mode that combines passthrough support with Meta’s Shared Spatial Anchors technology. Quest 1 users can also get involved through a manual setup feature.

On Quest 3, Puzzling Places now "runs at 1.5x the target rendering resolution with 4x MSAA anti-aliasing." A new rendering mode offers a 'Quality vs. Performance' setting, letting you prioritize higher frame rates or higher visual fidelity. states higher rendering and higher frame rates are both maintained in most scenarios, though more "performance-hungry" modes like using MR or higher piece puzzles will use your preference.

This update also introduces hand tracking support with an in-game tutorial available. Similar to the PSVR 2 edition, Quest Pro now supports eye tracking for selecting pieces. Finally, the new French Chateaus DLC pack introduces 1000-piece puzzles for the first time on Quest, though the team advises Quest 1 players are limited to 400 pieces due to performance limitations.

Puzzling Places is out now on all major platforms. While the 'Big Update' is currently Quest exclusive, confirms in a press release that online multiplayer support is coming to Pico and PSVR 2 at a later date.

Puzzling Places Pieces Together Super Satisfying Social VR
Puzzling Places multiplayer support points to another fantastic laid back social VR experience coming soon. Exclusive details here:

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