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Puzzling Places Behind High Walls DLC Layers In Historical Storytelling

Puzzling Places Behind High Walls DLC Layers In Historical Storytelling

A new level of storytelling with Easter eggs placed around historical landmarks can be found in the new Behind High Walls paid content for Puzzling Places.

The incredibly well-reviewed puzzler recently got an AR passthrough mode on Quest 2 and its developers at continue to add-on to the project with the release of new content packs for the game on a monthly basis. Behind High Walls, however, tests the waters for premium puzzling with four hand-crafted puzzles bundled together for $6 with a story told across “custom soundscapes and regional sound effects which build” as you complete it, according to the developers.

There’s even some animations in the scenes, like flags waving, as well as tiny Easter eggs to find. Check it out in the trailer below alongside some comments from developer Shahriar Shahrabi as he outlines their intent with Behind High Walls and goals for Puzzling Places overall.

“We have been trying to take Puzzling Places to the next level,” he told us. “People who play these develop their own sense of relationship and connection to these locations, and also have an understanding of the greater context of what these locations mean to other people.”

Shahrabi told us they are also working on features like multiplayer for Puzzling Places and the feedback they get from Behind High Walls can help guide how much time they spend on premium content like it in the future. The four puzzles cover Mar Saba Monastery, Sokol Fortress, Alcázar of Segovia, Valdštejn Castle — you can find more details linked here — and the developers are also hosting an hour-long podcast to walk through some of the historical context relevant to the locations.

Behind High Walls is available as paid DLC for Puzzling Places on Quest and PSVR now.

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