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Livestream With @Pushmatrix VR Hand Tracking Prototypes And Nightmares

Livestream With @Pushmatrix VR Hand Tracking Prototypes And Nightmares

We’ve got a special guest joining us in our virtual studio this week — Daniel Beauchamp aka @Pushmatrix on Twitter — and we’re going to look through his fascinating and occasionally nightmarish hand tracking prototypes with our live audience.

Tune in at 10 am Pacific time on Wednesday March 24th for our live discussion with Pushmatrix.

We’ll be in our virtual studio with hand tracking for an in-depth discussion about the VR experimentation he’s been doing since 2015. He’s the head of AR/VR at Shopify and in late 2019 Facebook released experimental hand tracking support for the Quest. In 2020, Beauchamp started publicly sharing his various experiments centered around Facebook’s hand tracking technology and it turned him into a bit of a viral sensation.

From machine learning and Beat Saber to cheese grating and string cheese, Beauchamp’s experiments turn his fingertips into a playground of ideas and the videos he produces showcasing these ideas spread far across Twitter and the wider web. We even worked with some folks who know American Sign Language to try one of Beauchamp’s experiments in a networked setting to explore what limits there are to that sort of robust communication with current generation hand tracking technology.

Pushmatrix shared more than 20 of these experiments with us and we’re ready to show them on our virtual TV during this special broadcast. We’ll have our hands tracked in our custom virtual studio for the discussion, and if you’ve got any questions or comments for Pushmatrix be sure to share them in our live chat as we discuss the past, present and future of VR hand interaction.

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