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PSX 2017: Dreams Will Get Only Limited PSVR Support After Launch

PSX 2017: Dreams Will Get Only Limited PSVR Support After Launch

Dreams is the next user-generated content obsession from the creators of the runaway-success franchise LittleBigPlanet. And although Dreams wasn’t playable at PSX this weekend in Anaheim, CA, select members of the press were invited to see a private, behind-closed-doors hands-off demonstration of the game.

During this demonstration members of the development team showed us everything from the game’s Media Molecule-crafted campaign and how levels can be remixed and customized, all the way down to what it looks like to build games from scratch — including the creation and editing of audio files within Dreams itself. Naturally, I also got the chance to ask about PSVR support.

“That’s like a Day 2 feature, not Day 1,” said one of the developers. “It won’t be in at launch.”

They weren’t willing to give an exact timeframe, but simply said that many aspects of the game are being built with VR in mind ev enif it won’t be there initially. They need a bit more time to polish and make sure it runs smoothly.

We already had a feeling that VR wasn’t going to make it for launch, even though it’s been mentioned in the past, but what we found out next caught us a bit by surprise.

As it turns out, once Dreams does get its PSVR support, that will not come in the form of the entire game. Instead, only “certain segments” of the game will be “remixed and re-imagined” for VR support. According to the developer that answered the question, this is to ensure that it’s “not a shitty VR experience” when it comes out.

We’ll have to wait and see what the VR support really looks like in the end. Whether or not we’ll be able to play games that people make in VR, sculpt objects and design levels in VR, or do something else entirely remains to be seen. You’ll have to wait until later this week for our full preview of what we saw from Dreams, but suffice it to say that we don’t think fans of content creation apps will be disappointed.

Dreams from Media Molecule will release in 2018. The forthcoming PSVR support is not dated.

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