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Synth Riders PSVR Gameplay First Look Ahead Of Aug. 10 Release

Synth Riders PSVR Gameplay First Look Ahead Of Aug. 10 Release

The developers of Synth Riders shared the first look at gameplay for its PlayStation VR release.

The game releases August 10 on PSVR after coming to PC VR in 2018 and launching on Oculus Quest in 2019. Developer Kluge Interactive has expanded and updated the game over time, with fitness-focused songs as well as customized environments for specific tracks like Algorithm from Muse and Come Out And Play by The Offspring. The title focuses on rails you try to keep your hands riding on in time with the music, delivering a strong-danced focused feel. There’s 55 tracks included in the base game with more than 20 tracks available as purchasable music packs.

Check out the first look at PSVR gameplay here with a look at a song without modifiers, Muse’s Algorithm track and then a look at Spin Mode + Prismatic notes.

Kluge Interactive is also offering users that sign up to receive a launch reminder a chance win the “Complete Music Pack” DLC bundle for the game on release.

“Freedom of movement is in the heart of Synth Riders, and we took good care of making sure that the game offers a satisfying and reliable experience on PSVR,” the studio shared in a prepared statement. “We are actually very happy with the results! The design of PS Move controllers makes playing Synth Riders comfortable and natural, and we have worked with some of our top players to ensure that they can “max out” songs even on the highest difficulty level. This is also possible while playing the game with a Spin Mode, which on PlayStation VR is limited to a 90° angle, still just as fun as on other platforms! Setting up a playspace is key for getting good results. We highly recommend a great PSVR Tracking Guide created by Owlchemy Labs:”

We recent interviewed the CEO of Synth Riders, Arturo Perez, about the development of the game if you want to take a deeper dive into its creation. Check it out in our video below, recorded in our virtual studio.


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