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E3 2019: Watch This Exclusive Gameplay For PSVR Strategy Game Mini Mech Mayhem

E3 2019: Watch This Exclusive Gameplay For PSVR Strategy Game Mini Mech Mayhem

Mini Mech Mayhem is an upcoming PSVR strategy game from FuturLabs, the creators of VR racing game Tiny Trax. In Mini Mech Mayhem combat is split into two parts so that players take time deciding their actions and planning ahead and then watch moves play out in real-time. It’s a bit of a mixture of turn-based and real-time strategy mechanics.

During today’s E3 VR Showcase we this debuted all-new exclusive gameplay for Mini Mech Mayhem that also featured developer commentary and insight into how the game’s designed:

Since it combines two different types of strategy mechanics, you can notice some similarities to Skylight from E. McNeill, a popular Gear VR strategy title with some similar genre-blending ideas. The board game-style design ensures lots of replayability since you need to land on certain squares but also push enemies off of squares and try to predict future moves.

What really helps set Mini Mech Mayhem apart though, other than its inventive combo of playstyles, is the attention to detail on customization and progression. Not only can you change the way your avatar looks, but you have freedom over changing the way your little adorable mech robots look as well. It’s a deceptively deep and complex system.

If this looks like your cup of tea, then you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on it. The game is due out for PSVR this month on June 18th. Let us know what you think of it down in the comments below!

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