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Upcoming PSVR Exlusive Horror Game Do Not Open Debuts Teaser Trailer

Upcoming PSVR Exlusive Horror Game Do Not Open Debuts Teaser Trailer

The upcoming PSVR-exclusive horror game Do Not Open debuted a new teaser trailer this week, giving us our first look at gameplay. Do Not Open is from Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Quasar Dynamics, set to release next year in 2021.

The developers describe the game as survival horror with escape room elements mixed in, plus it’s supposedly all based on real events. You play as Michael J. Goreng, a “well-known zoologist and epidemiologist trapped in his own house where his wife and daughter are held against their will.” You’ll have to solve puzzles if you want to escape, plus it sounds like you’ll be dealing with a mysterious paranormal threat too.

Reportedly the game will also have high replayability since the puzzles, riddles, and events all change slightly across subsequent playthroughs. The house’s layout and rooms will change with every playthrough, and there also won’t be any save points. This will all be bolstered by several different endings, which can be unlocked while playing. It’s an interesting concept to take a short horror experience and change it each time you play, requiring multiple playthroughs to get the full experience.

Do Not Open will be a PSVR-exclusive, releasing in 2021. Whether this means it will release for PSVR on the PS4 or PS5 is unknown, but it could be the latter (or both) given that we know it will support current generation PSVR hardware. The ending animation of the trailer shows a PS4 and lists PS4 in the copyright detail at the bottom.

If you’re looking for horror VR games to play while you wait, PlayStation VR definitely has some good options. Of course, Resident Evil 7 remains one of the best games on the PSVR ecosystem and is a masterclass in VR horror. We’re also hoping that recently-announced Resident Evil Village for PS5 will have PSVR support as well.

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