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PlayStation VR2 Releases Early 2023, Sony Confirms

PlayStation VR2 Releases Early 2023, Sony Confirms

PlayStation VR 2 will release in early 2023.

Official Sony social accounts announced the launch window on Monday, confirming earlier indications and analyst reports suggesting Sony’s next generation PS5-powered VR headset wouldn’t see release in 2022.

While PSVR buyers have been able to use an adapter to get the original system running on PlayStation 5, PSVR 2 promises to take full advantage of new technologies as well as PS5’s increased horsepower. The next-gen system features much higher resolution displays with high dynamic range, wider field of view lenses, eye tracking, and new controllers with precise haptic feedback – dramatic upgrades over the original PSVR system which launched in 2016 for PlayStation 4.

While the original PSVR required the PlayStation Camera for tracking and a breakout box with an array of cables, PSVR 2 features onboard cameras for inside-out tracking and connects via a single USB-C cable.

For those just catching up, earlier this summer we posted everything we know about PSVR 2.

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