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PSVR 2 Will Have 20+ Titles At Launch

PSVR 2 Will Have 20+ Titles At Launch

PSVR 2 will launch with  “20+ major first-party and third-party titles.”

Sony confirmed as much in a new business briefing for investors. The stat is mentioned on page 23 of the Games & Network Devices Segment PDF from the briefing, alongside previously-confirmed details about the headset specs and controllers.

20+ PSVR 2 Launch Titles Confirmed

Horizon: Call of the Mountain is pictured on the page, which is one of the only confirmed titles for PSVR 2 so far. The headset’s launch date is still unconfirmed, but this year looks increasingly unlikely — 2023 could be the current target.

Among Us VR will launch for other platforms later this year, but is confirmed for PSVR 2 “when the headset releases,” so launch day seems likely. Firmament is also confirmed to optionally support PSVR 2, with flatscreen launch on PS5 set for later this year — so perhaps another PSVR 2 launch title?

We also know that Coatsink, the studio behind Jurassic World: Aftermath, are working on a PSVR 2 launch title, but not many other specifics.

Beyond that, we only know of studios working on PSVR 2 content, but few specific titles or release windows. Nonetheless, we can start to speculate on what games and studios might make up the remaining launch titles.

Fast Travel Games (the studio behind Cities: VR and Wraith: The Oblivion) recently confirmed it is working on multiple projects for PSVR 2. A Cities: VR port could be an option, given it’s been hinted at for other platforms beyond Quest 2.

First Contact Entertainment (Firewall: Zero Hour) is working on a PSVR 2 project, but whether it’s for launch is uncertain. Likewise, nDreams (Fracker, Phantom: Covert Ops) confirmed work on multiple “next-gen games” for PSVR 2.

Truant Pixel’s Runner will also release on PSVR 2, but the release window is currently unconfirmed. Samurai Slaughter House is confirmed for PSVR 2 as well, along with Iris VR’s upcoming title Low-Fi.

There’s a bunch of rumored and unconfirmed games that could fill out the list as well — Resident Evil 8, Gran Turismo 7, Farpoint 2 and more — but you can read about those here.

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