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Will Prostitutes Lose Business To VR?

Sex is a big deal in virtual reality. As a small indication of the importance of an activity many would rather not talk about publicly, every day a ton of new readers are seeking out this post — a guide to hiding porn on your Gear VR.

Of course, sex is also a big deal in the real world and it’s key to the livelihood of the ladies working at Nevada brothel, Sheri’s Ranch. With the launch of new VR headsets rapidly approaching at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the ever-broadening consumer adoption of VR might threaten their business, but they aren’t going to take the arrival of this technology lying down.

In a press release and blog post timed in connection with CES, an event which the brothel claims leads to an increase in business, Sheri’s Ranch is trying to stress the value physical courtesans offer in comparison to VR. Licensed Nevada prostitutes are quoted to make the case.

A courtesan going by the name Amber Lynn says, “easier isn’t necessarily better.” Red Diamonds, who accepts gift cards to Apple and Best Buy as presents, is quoted as saying, “real sexual relations lead to real relationships with real women.” Marly thinks VR “will more likely replace pornography than prostitution.”

That’s an interesting point from Marly, but VR is unlike any medium before it, offering people the ability to use more of their natural human abilities to express themselves. Plus, isn’t prostitution a kind of virtual reality? These ladies deal in fantasy fulfillment and role play while offering easier access to sexual relations than more broadly accepted means, like dating or Tinder.

From the blog post:

Once these virtual video technologies are perfected and combined with teledildonics, devices that actually simulate the feel of a sex partner, VR prostitution may become an immersive and convincing experience, and potentially a very profitable business. To be sure, many adult entertainment entities, including Nevada’s brothels, have their eyes keenly focused on CES 2016 as they anxiously await announcements about the latest VR technology that could propel sex-for-money businesses into uncharted territories.

VR is poised to change many aspects of sex, but just how quickly and in what specific ways is still an unknown. The women of Sheri’s Ranch certainly made a case for their business model, but to quote one of the ladies, “I suppose only time will tell.”

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