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Watch: 9 Minutes Of Project Cars 3 VR Gameplay With A Racing Wheel

Watch: 9 Minutes Of Project Cars 3 VR Gameplay With A Racing Wheel

Project Cars 3 officially releases tomorrow on August 27th, but we’ve had the chance to take it for a spin a few days early. Check out over 9 minutes of Project Cars 3 VR gameplay right here, including the use of a Thrustmaster T300RS racing wheel and pedals set in Oculus Rift S.

Personally, I’ve never been much of a racing game kind of guy. My few exceptions are for more sci-fi racers such as Wipeout and F-Zero, or even going as far as arcade racing games like Split/Second, Need for Speed, and Burnout, as well as full-on party games like Mario Kart. Other than, I typically stayed away.

Naturally, I reviewed DriveClub VR back when it launched with PSVR and actually had a good time. What I found is that through VR, I could enjoy genres that I’d otherwise overlook without a second glance. Racing games definitely qualified here and Project Cars 3 VR is certainly one of the slickest yet in that regard.

If you hadn’t heard, Project Cars 3 is a bit of a deviation for the long-running franchise. Instead of leaning heavily into its authentic simulation roots, this entry is more of a middle-ground to foster accessibility for newer racers like myself. For me, Project Cars 3 VR is packed full of good news, For diehard fans, probably not so much.

If you’re curious what Project Cars 3 VR looks like then look no further than the video embedded above. We’ll have a full review, livestreams, and likely more footage once we get to spend more time with the game.

In the meantime, enjoy! And let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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