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Project Cars 3 Racing To PC VR Headsets This August

Project Cars 3 Racing To PC VR Headsets This August

Today Slightly Mad Studios announced that the latest entry in its popular sim franchise, Project Cars 3 will release on August 28th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC with support for PC VR headsets at launch.

We have not tried the game yet at UploadVR, but according to reports from people that have tried the game out pre-release note that it has a slightly more arcade feel to everything, meaning they may be partially toning down the focus on hyper-realism. For VR users, it’s unclear how this could impact the experience.

From what we’ve seen, the theme for Project Cars 3 seems to be focused on accessibility and streamlining things. There will be new tracks and new cars as most can expect, but there is also now a revamped career mode focused on progression giving the game something akin to a more traditional “campaign” structure.

According to the official website that the game has “12K and best-in-class VR support (on PC).” We don’t have a full list supported headsets yet, but you can likely expect a SteamVR release with support for all the major devices like Rift, Vive, and Index.

If you didn’t play Project Cars 2, which is often regarded as one of the high standards of measurement for VR racing sims, you can grab it on Steam right now for just $9. That’s a major steal. But if you prefer a slightly more accessible experience, then waiting until August for Project Cars 3 might make a bit more sense for you.

Project Cars 3 releases on August 28th will full PC VR support at launch.

h/t: Eurogamer

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