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Prince Of Persia VR Escape Room Coming This Spring To VR Arcades

Prince Of Persia VR Escape Room Coming This Spring To VR Arcades

Today Ubisoft announced that it’s releasing a Prince of Persia-themed VR escape room similar to its current lineup that includes Assassin’s Creed Origins-themed Escape the Lost Pyramid and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey-themed Beyond Medusa’s Gate.

Surprisingly, the Prince of Persia VR escape room, named The Dagger of Time, is set in the world of The Sands of Time, a PS2-era platforming action-adventure game. The VR escape room experience will be developed by Ubisoft Düsseldorf for all ages and requires 2-4 players.

According to a press release:

“In the story, players are summoned by Kaileena, the Empress of Time. They are asked to help her to stop the evil plans of a Magi who is attempting to restore the sands to the Hourglass of Time and create an army of Sand Monsters. To successfully escape the fortress, players must use cooperative teamwork and problem-solving skills to complete objectives, utilizing powers such as time control from the dagger of time.”

Ubisoft initially seemed bullish on the potential of VR as an interactive medium releasing several games quickly such as Eagle Flight, Werewolves Within, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew, but eventually abandoned their latest endeavor, Space Junkies. Since then we’ve heard rumors of upcoming big VR projects but never saw confirmations. In the meantime they’ve pivoted to using their IP in the location-based market instead.

There’s more information on The Dagger of Time over on the official Ubisoft Escape Games website. The attraction will roll out to over 300 locations worldwide this Spring.

Let us know what you think of the news down in the comments below!

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