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The President and First Lady Invite You on a White House Tour in New 360 Video

The President and First Lady Invite You on a White House Tour in New 360 Video

360 videos can do a lot of things, but what makes them the most remarkable is their ability to transport you inside new locations. Places that many of us would never be able to go are now open to exploration and discovery. For example, odds are that most of us will never be President of the United States (follow your dreams and all but the odds aren’t great) and as a result we will never have the chance to intimately tour the vaunted halls of the White House the way the president does.

But today, thanks to the magic of 360 video, you can now enjoy an up close and personal look at the world’s most famous dwelling narrated by none other than the president and first lady themselves.

The above video was created through a joint effort between Oculus and Felix and Paul. It was posted on the official White House Facebook page early this morning. The post itself reads:

“’This house belongs to you, and to every American. For eight years, just a short chapter in the long story of our democracy, my family also had the privilege of calling the White House home.’—President Obama.’

Join the President and the First Lady for a preview of a 360° tour of the White House taking you into some of the most historic rooms of the People’s House, from the Situation Room to the Oval Office.”

The 360 White House tour was posted after President Obama’s farewell address to the nation and represents one of the first instances of his, or the first lady’s, personalities being used in material outside of his last official remarks in office.

Felix and Paul is one of the most prolific and impressive 360 video studios in operation today. It has worked on a litany of well-received projects and is best known currently for its Cirque du Soleil series of films. KA: The Battle Within recently won our “Best Immersive Film” award for 2016.

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