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Presence Episode 6: The Rise of VR Comedy Clubs

Presence Episode 6: The Rise of VR Comedy Clubs

Bad news: Your diligent VR evangelist Jason Evangelho got tied up in a virtual broom closet somewhere and needs rescuing. Good news: We’ve got UploadVR’s Gaming Editor David Jagneaux filling in to talk all the week’s news and more!

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg! We’ve got AltSpace Founder and CEO Eric Romo and comedian Ever Mainard joining us to discuss the rise of VR comedy clubs, what it means for cross-country open mic nights, and just how…different it can feel to deliver a punchline to an audience of faceless robot avatars. If you’ve got a single funny bone in your body, you don’t want to miss it.

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How is VR changing the comedy club experience? We sit down with AltSpaceVR founder and CEO Eric Romo and comedian Ever Mainard to find out. Spoilers: You don’t have to pay $8 for a mixed drink.

Comedian Ever Mainard
Comedian Ever Mainard

Listener Questions (powered by you!):

With Nvidia debuting their 1080 GPU, is it better to wait for newer parts if I’m building a VR-ready PC, or is buying parts now still a safe bet? Between AMD and NVIDIA, which do you think is embracing VR more? – Jonathan Mitchell

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Kubbi for allowing us to use his melodic, chiptune-infused rock and roll. Go check it out! Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp.

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