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Explore Aperture Laboratories From Portal In VR Using Half-Life: Alyx Steam Workshop Mod

Explore Aperture Laboratories From Portal In VR Using Half-Life: Alyx Steam Workshop Mod

Now that Half-Life: Alyx has Steam Workshop support, one modder has managed to bring an entire map from Portal 2 over into Half-Life: Alyx, allowing you to explore a small slice of Aperture Laboratories and pick up the Portal gun.

Official Half-Life: Alyx modding support launched last week, and we’re already seeing some awesome content on the Steam Workshop as a result. While a lot of the best content available on there at the moment is stuff that’s been ported over from the unofficial tools that were previously available, we’re also starting to see some new things trickle through, like the lightsaber mod and this Portal map.

The mod — titled ‘Portal 2 – Speed Ramp’ ports over the entire sp_a3_speed_ramp map from Valve’s 2011 title into VR. However, don’t get too excited — you can’t properly play through the map or shoot any portals. The most you can do is walk around and pick up a few items, including the titular gun.

You can check it out in the video above, but it doesn’t quite do the experience justice. There’s something to be said for the immersion that comes with walking through Aperture Laboratories in virtual reality. For one, the companion cubes are absolutely huge when viewed to scale — much larger than expected, especially compared to your body. The moment where you discover the Portal gun sitting near a portrait of Cave Johnson is also very exciting. Even though the gun isn’t usable in any way other than a prop, it’s awesome to be able to pull it towards you with Alyx’s gravity gloves.

To try out the map for yourself, head over to the Steam Workshop page and check out our guide for installing and playing Half-Life: Alyx mods and maps.

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