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Population: One Metropolis Update Available Now, New Details Revealed

Population: One Metropolis Update Available Now, New Details Revealed

The Metropolis update for Population: One is available now, with an entire new section of the map and a new game mode to highlight it.

As we wrote about a week ago after going hands-on with the new update, the Metropolis area is one of the most drastic changes and additions to Population: One’s map since launch. It’s a whole new area tacked onto the existing map which surpasses the rest of the existing map in size.

population: one metropolis

Here’s what Jamie had to say after trying the update out last week:

You can see new opportunities for combat around every corner. Computer terminals in one room make for quick cover thanks to the game’s flexible climbing system, and the street-level maze is just begging for unfortunate souls to stumble their way into a rifle’s line of sight. To counteract the complexity, there are new jump pads that instantly catapult you above the city skyline, either to reach vantage points fast or glide to safety.

While it is one section of the existing map, if you’re keen on just checking Metropolis itself, there’s now a game mode for that too. The Metropolis Royale game mode will drop 18 players into a game that is centered only around the new environments, letting you explore without having to play in other areas of the map that have been available for the last year or more.

All games also now have a 1-in-3 chance to a launch in ‘Neon Night Mode’, which puts a ‘old school retro-futuristic vibe pulsing with vibrant neon lights across the buildings and skyscrapers’ to match Metropolis’ new aesthetic.

Will you be checking out Population: One’s new Metropolis map? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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