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Music-Themed Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Event Begins July 17

Music-Themed Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Event Begins July 17

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 will run on July 17 and 18, offering various special events and rewards to celebrate the game’s fifth, and Pokemon’s 25th, anniversary.

Tickets are available in-app now for $4.99 — much less than last year’s price of $14.99 — and will grant you access to both days of the event.

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The main part of the event is themed around a music festival, where you will be the show leader. “Help Professor Willow and the team leaders put on an incredible concert celebration by choosing between certain Pokémon to join the festivities. Complete this Special Research for special rewards, including an encounter with a Mythical Pokémon, a shirt avatar item, and an exclusive avatar pose!” This Special Research event will be available on the Saturday from 10am to 6pm (local time).

In addition to the main Special Research event, there’s other stuff to take part in over both days. Hourly habitats are returning from last year, available on the Saturday from 10am to 6pm (local time) and will include four habitats (Jungle, Desert Mountain, Ocean, Cave) over one hour rotations, with certain Pokemon appearing more frequently in select habitats.

Raids on Saturday will feature Pokemon such Hitmontop, Cranidos, and Deino, meanwhile Shiny Whismur, Chimecho, Audino, and Tympole will all make their Pokemon Go debut during the event. The Global Challenge Arena also returns this year, available on Saturday.

On the Sunday, the focus is on raids, with the opportunity to catch any Pokemon you may have missed the day before. There’s also extra XP and rewards attached to certain activities on the Sunday — you can read about those here.

The event also features new music tracks produced by Junichi Masuda, a legendary Pokemon music producer.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg — for Pokemon Go fans, there’s a plethora of content spread across the two-day event. To see the full schedule and all the details, check out the Pokemon Go blog.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 begins on July 17.

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