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Pistol Whip Wild West-Themed Campaign Coming This Summer

Pistol Whip Wild West-Themed Campaign Coming This Summer

Yee haw cowboys! Pistol Whip’s new wild west-themed campaign, Smoke & Thunder, drops as a free update this summer for Quest and Rift platforms.

Smoke & Thunder is wild west-themed and will be the second in a series of new narrative-driven mini campaigns added as free updates for Cloudhead Games’ rhythm-based shooter. It follows on from the epic Terminator-themed 2089 campaign that was added last December.

Just like 2089, Smoke & Thunder features five new ‘scenes’ (Pistol Whip’s name for a level or track) and will tell “the tale of two sisters set in the Wild West where trains, tech, and explosions set the scene for some exciting surprises.”

In addition to Smoke & Thunder, the update will also include The Concierge campaign, which was meant to launch in late 2020 but was then pushed back to 2021. There’s not much info on what to expect from The Concierge, but here’s how it’s described on the Oculus blog:

This update will release alongside The Concierge, which will unlock total customization for Pistol Whip players. Whether you prefer bottomless burst pistols or dodging through levels as a no-ammo pacifist, seemingly endless combinations of weapons and modifiers for every level will allow you to truly hone your play style. Compete in the ever-changing featured styles with multi-platform leaderboards, or dive in and build your own. The Concierge always has what you need.

Both Smoke & Thunder and The Concierge will drop in the same update for Pistol Whip, coming this summer. Keep an eye out for more details soon.

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