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Pistol Whip Promises A 'More Realistic Firing Experience' On PSVR 2

Pistol Whip Promises A 'More Realistic Firing Experience' On PSVR 2

Popular action-rhythm game Pistol Whip arrives on PSVR 2 this month, and Cloudhead Games recently outlined how it utilizes the new Sense controller.

Joining an extensive list of PSVR 2 launch games, Cloudhead Games previously confirmed its Pistol Whip port in November, claiming the Sense controller haptics will let you “feel the rush of a bullet grazing your head, the clicks of reloading your gun.” With finger touch detection and adaptive trigger support also included, the studio revealed more in a new PlayStation Blog, claiming the controllers create a “more realistic firing experience” through changing resistances and unique reload SFX for weapons.

On the PlayStation blog, Mike LeSauvage, lead haptics engineer for the PSVR 2 port, elaborated further:

When implementing the adaptive triggers, we found a number of ways to provide controller feedback… Now players will feel an increasing resistance as they pull the trigger, flattening out shortly before drawing it far enough that the weapon fires, at which point resistance drops to zero.

Alongside the PSVR 2 port, more content updates are coming to Pistol Whip soon. During the Upload VR Showcase Winter 2022, we got our first look at the Pistol Whip 2023 roadmap. Cloudhead revealed a new collection called Overdrive, which adds five scenes this spring, as well as an official modding tool called Pistol Mix that will create and share custom scenes between the community, arriving later this year.

Pistol Whip releases February 22 on PSVR 2, included as a free next-gen upgrade for anyone who bought the original PSVR version. It’s also available now on PC VR, Meta Quest and Pico 4.

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