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Pistol Whip Confirmed For PSVR Release This Summer

Pistol Whip Confirmed For PSVR Release This Summer

Cloudhead Games says its arcade shooter Pistol Whip should launch on PSVR this summer.

The cinematic shooter with rhythm elements debuted on PC VR and Oculus Quest in November and looks like it should be a nice fit for PSVR given its forward-facing design. I rated Pistol Whip 5/5 because of its satisfying gameplay and addictive challenge curve which starts with an auto-assist mode that makes you feel like a badass John Wick. The title gains significant depth with built -in modifiers like a Deadeye mode that takes away the superpowered aiming.

There’s no specific release date announced yet for the game.

The game launched with 10 tracks or “scenes” inspired by various sci-fi and action movies set to thumping music. Since release Cloudhead added four more free tracks to bring the total to 14 as of this writing. The latest addition, called Dark Skies, is my favorite.

Check out the gameplay video of the latest track:

After PSVR release Cloudhead Games is planning “exciting new content updates, modifiers, and more to be revealed in the months after launch.”

We are still waiting on a new release date announcement for Iron Man VR on PSVR after COVID-19-related delays. The confirmation of Pistol Whip for release on PSVR should be a welcome addition to the release schedule for PlayStation 4 owners. We’ll bring you the latest on Pistol Whip as soon as we have it.

PlayStation VR owners, are you excited to finally play Pistol Whip this summer? Let us know in the comments below.


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