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Pistol Whip Overdrive Season Releases A New Scene Each Month

Pistol Whip Overdrive Season Releases A New Scene Each Month

Rhythm shooter Pistol Whip will release scenes monthly for its new Overdrive season.

We’ve been big fans of Pistol Whip since its 2019 release delivered comfortable and satisfying active gameplay that can be grasped in minutes and mastered over hours. In the years since release Canada-based studio Cloudhead Games pumped up the game’s content while avoiding paid DLCs. Cloudhead added multiple campaigns as well as new modifiers, weapons, challenges, and scoring. The studio also recently confirmed an official scene-building tool is planned for 2023.

The Overdrive season of Pistol Whip kicks off in May and looks to be the studio’s cleverest plan yet. While new modifiers and campaigns have brought players back to the game over the last few years, releasing new scenes episodically like a TV show might bring them back more reliably.

Cloudhead teases the season of new content in the announcement trailer embedded below, writing in an official announcement that Overdrive “forges an action-fueled cinematic mythos of its own. Songs by EDM behemoths Black Tiger Sex Machine, LeKtrique, and Apashe [with] new neon-drenched FPS showdowns, including cyborg gladiator rings, Escher-esque skyscrapers, high fantasy battlefields, and more.”

Pistol Whip is out today on PlayStation VR2 and Cloudhead says Overdrive will “be available on all supported platforms upon release”. The game is supported across Steam, PSVR, and Quest, and we’ll bring you the latest about Overdrive as soon as we have it.

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