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Watch: Pistol Whip Is Getting John Wick's Lethal Pencil

Watch: Pistol Whip Is Getting John Wick's Lethal Pencil

Pistol Whip developers recently offered a deep dive look at the upcoming “Style System” overhaul of its modifiers with an up close look at new melee weapons, including “The Freaking Pencil”.

Pistol Whip debuted in 2019 and, since launch, its pretty much been the virtual embodiment of the John Wick franchise. Spoiler alert I guess, but the big screen assassin played by Keanu Reeves is known for his ability to kill someone with nothing more than a pencil and, soon, you’ll be able to do the same in Pistol Whip.

“We had to do it, as soon as we started talking about putting in melee weapons,” Project Lead Joel Green said. “You can customize it however you want it to look.”

Check it out around the 13:40 mark in the hour-long preview we livestreamed this week:

The new system promises to remake Pistol Whip in pretty fundamental ways by allowing players to choose from a wide range of play styles. There’s a knife, hammer, brass knuckles and, yes, a pencil included in the update alongside other new weapons. The new weapons can be combined with level difficulty selection and new modifiers to play the game — and compete for a spot on the leaderboards — in a huge combination of ways ranging from hyper-intense bullet hell to a laid back dancing mode.

The new Style System will debut alongside the Smoke & Thunder campaign that developer Cloudhead Games teased back in April. We can’t wait to dive in with the new styles and figure out our new favorite way to play one of VR’s best games.

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