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Exclusive: Pistol Whip’s First Full Level Gameplay Video

Exclusive: Pistol Whip’s First Full Level Gameplay Video

If you were already excited for Cloudhead’s Pistol Whip the video on this page may make the next few weeks excruciating ahead of its release on Nov. 7.

Not sure what the game is actually like to play? On the fence? Wondering if it can really make you feel like you’re in an action sequence from a movie? Before I embed the first full level of gameplay from a beta version of Pistol Whip I’m posting the links to the pages for the game where you can wishlist it for every major VR headset, with PSVR coming soon. I think there’s a good chance you’ll want these links when you’re done watching.

Let me also preface the video by conveying that what you’re about to watch is what Pistol Whip mastery looks like after countless plays of a single song. The song is Replicants by Black Tiger Sex Machine, Apashe for the label Kannibalen Records. It is one of 10 songs included at launch with Cloudhead Games planning regular music and level updates. 

I’ve put dozens of hours into an early version of the game and, though it made me feel like John Wick even on the easiest difficulty, I took so many bullets along the way and found myself hooked on replaying a single song for hours to try and achieve the highest score possible and a god mode play style like the one depicted here. This video is provided by Cloudhead and Pistol Whip is integrated with the LIV mixed reality toolset so it should be possible for others to capture gameplay footage like this.

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