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Pistol Whip Contracts Update Adds Time-Sensitive Missions & New Modifiers

Pistol Whip Contracts Update Adds Time-Sensitive Missions & New Modifiers

Pistol Whip now has three new modifiers alongside daily, weekly, and monthly missions.

The update also includes four new Brawler weapons for melee combat, adding Tonfa, Sai, Kama and Chakram to the weapons case. New modifiers include Reinforced to double the strength of your armor alongside High Velocity and Low Velocity to alter the speed of bullets.

Pistol Whip originally released in late 2019 as an incredibly satisfying rhythm shooter and Canada-based Cloudhead Games has extensively updated and expanded it in the years since. Last year, the built-in modifiers were reimagined as a Styles system which allowed players to compete for a high score in an impressive range of ways. For example, with High Velocity activated alongside the already-added Bullet Hell, players in search of the most extreme challenge might move around the bullets in their living room much like Neo in The Matrix. We talked to Joel Green at Cloudhead Games and have some footage of high velocity mode in the video embedded below.

High Velocity “makes the game a lot harder,” he told us, “especially if there’s any close quarters combat you really have to dodge quickly with this one so we expect that the hardcore players are going to like this one, especially if you pair it with some of the other tough modifiers.”


The update also adds Careers and Contracts so players can receive emblems to display after completing one of the ever-changing daily, weekly or monthly Contracts made from different scenes and styles. An Ultimatum, for example, will be issued monthly stringing together up to five scenes and described by Cloudhead as “perfect for the seasoned veteran.”

Pistol Whip’s Contracts update is out now on PC VR, Quest, and PlayStation VR as a free update.

This article originally published on June 11 but was updated with additional information and republished on June 17.


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